In the event of a power cut, will my alarm system still work?

Yes. In case of a power loss, the back-up battery will maintain your alarm protection for up to 24 hours depending on your alarm system specification.

Can I extend my warranty?

Yes. We offer Service Plans for all Security Systems that can be renewed every 12 months if needed.

Can I set my alarm for different areas, at night when I go to bed for example?

Yes, all our alarm systems can be ‘fully-set’ or ‘part-set’ for peace of mind. For example turning on ground floor detectors but leaving the upstairs off.

Will my pets set off my alarm when I’m at work?

No. We fit Pet Tolerant Movement Detectors as standard with all our Intruder Alarm Systems. They want detect pets under 38kgs.

Will the work create a big mess?

We try to minimise the disruption or inconvenience caused when we carry out an installation. We sweep or vacuum up any dirt if necessary as we work. We promise to cause as little disruption as possible.

Are alarms easy to use?

The alarms we install are very user friendly, in most cases a 4 digit pin, swipe fobs or key fobs will set and unset the system. A simplified user guide and full training is provided and we are here to help, so you can call us if you have any questions. Please discuss your requirements with our sales team.

Will I get a reduction in my Insurance?

Which? Magazine conducted a survey in 2008 and found that most insurers offer a discount of between 2% and 15% on the cost of home contents insurance for homes with a professionally installed and maintained intruder alarm.


How loud is the external siren and how long will it sound for?

Our external sirens sound at around 120db, they have an 8 or 15 minute cut out timer, so the neighbours are not annoyed in the unlikely event of a false alarm.

Will my alarm go off and annoy my neighbours?

No, our correctly installed systems have battery backup so they will work for up to 24 hours (system specification dependent) during a power cut and have a external sounder that stops ringing after 8 or 15 minutes, unless there is movement inside the property.

What happens if my neighbours ignore the alarm?

All our Alarms can be self monitored or via a Alarm Receiving Centre by linking it to a telephone line, GSM Device or WiFi Router that calls either your mobile, office, relatives, etc, whenever your alarm goes off, alerting you of a potential problem

How does the alarm system contact me?

If you choose a system with monitoring we connect it to your landline telephone socket to enable it to contact you in the event of an alarm activation or if we connect your system via WiFi then you can have total control of the system IE: Arming/disarming systems status and audible push notifications via the Crime alert APP. if your system is connect to our Alarm Receiving Centre with keyholder response if your alarm is actived the signal is received at the ARC and a security call handler with contact you or your nominated keyholders

Can I have a seperate alarm system in my garage?

Yes, But we can usually incorporate garage,outbuildings & sheds into one system so no need for another system to be installed saving you time and money.

Can my house have an alarm system?

Yes, we have not come across a property that we have not been able to install one of our systems into. We have fitted systems in almost every type of building such as, bedsits, apartments, new builds, older houses, listed buildings, schools, shops, offices, garages, outbuildings, factories, commercial units, caravans, park homes, bungalows and even a storage container

Are you a Registered Installer?

Yes. We are a Registered Intstaller with all our Manufactures which include Texecom, Scantronic, Pyronix & Visonic we have achieved Visonic Platinum Installer status due to the number of visonic systems we've installed. 

Ways to pay

Payment can be made by cash, BACS and from any major credit or debit card

System Takeovers

Customers come to us when

•They have moved into new premises with an alarm system already in place. 

•The existing contract is no longer value for money. 

•The needs of the client can no longer be met by the existing security company.

 •The existing security system company has gone out of business. 

•The quality of service, care and attention are not provided from their existing burglar alarm security system company. 

•Their existing company or installer is impossible to get hold of when needed. 

•The current installer or company cannot repair a fault or solve a problem correctly

How do you start the takeover process?

Simply give us a call or contact us online to enquire about taking over your existing security system. We will provide a no obligation quotation to fix any issues and take over the service and maintenance. Should you require new equipment we are here to advise on the best solution for you. Our engineers are qualified and experienced having a vast array of knowledge on many alarms & cctv systems. You can rest assured that by moving your maintenance to us you are in safe hands.

Will I receive good service from Crime Alert Security?

Yes! Crime Alert have a highly skilled team of engineers operating throughout wales. This means that our customers receive prompt service from our engineers. Just take a look at our customer testimonials.

Will it be expensive changing to a different security alarm system company?

Not necessarily. By changing to a new maintenance provider you may be able to save on your annual charges as well as your insurance premiums. Our prices are straight forward with no hidden costs. We always give a best price quote and do not rent our systems or tie you down to a 3 / 5 / 7 year agreement… We offer a 1 year agreement – our belief is that if you are happy with our service you will stay with us.

To Book Your System Takeover Call Us Free: 0800 056 3451