Intruder Alarms


You'll Always be protected with Crime Alert. All our systems are of the latest state of the art technology wireless or wired. Our system will alert you if the battery is low, equipment as been tampered with or any other errors. All our systems come with a lifetime parts warrenty as long as the system is being maintained by Crime Alert. We can Design, Install & Maintain Intruder Alarms & CCTV Systems in any location wether its a house, flat or bungalow you live in right through to shops, large factories, schools, office blocks & rural locations. There is not a job or location we want take on. At Crime Alert we love a challenge thats whats sets us apart from the rest.



Our cctv systems are a Comprehensive Solution to Protect People, Facilities and Assets. At Crime Alert our vision is a world that's "safe, comfortable and sustainable"  Best-in-class with the right cameras for domestic & commercial video surveillance installation.  From the most affordable HD analog video cameras to the most advanced HD IP video security cameras and wireless IP networked video cameras, we offer a complete range of cameras, housings and mounts. Our services support most infrastructure and network requirements while our video surveillance specialists can help you plan and install a complete CCTV system or a networked video surveillance system, meeting your requirements. All our CCTV Systems can be viewd remotely from any device that as 3G, 4G & WiFi capability.

Fire Detection


We can incorporate smoke, heat & CO2 detectors into your intruder alarm system. Also supply fire extinguishers & signage for the commercial sectors, fire fighting equipment and advice for domistic properties. It is just as important to protect domestic properties agenst fire as we often see home owners who have no fire exinguishers or fire blankets in there homes. But here at Crime Alert we can make sure you have the right equipment supplied and fitted in the appropriate locations.

Rural & Agricultural Security


Crime Alert's owner leigh loves being out in the country side so working on farms in remote location is ideal for him he as extensive knowledge in detecting thieves and catching live footage using our bespoke latest technology CCTV Systems. our camera system are a farmers favourite for the use to monitor calving, lambing, foaling and general farm management & security. The cameras can be viewed remotely for any device which as 3G 4G or WiFi  capability such as smart phones / TV's, laptops or computers from virtually anywhere. 

Intruder Alarm Major Service £125


If you have a Intruder alarm (Burglar Alarm) System installed at your property and you have not had it serviced in some time then Crime Alert can address that for you and make sure your system is fully operational and meets the current sandards and most importantly give you, your family and home that add security. What we do in Major Service is a complete inspection of the system and all devices to ensure correct opertaion make adjustments where necessary advise on any deficiencies within the system and give advice, cost and carry out any necessary changes to correct them. The price of the Major Service includes a new Crime Alert External Alarm box also a New Stand-by Battery for the Alarm Control Panel.

24 Central Station Monitoring

We can provide monitoring by a NSI GOLD Approved CCTV Monitoring & Alarm Receiving Centre for Intruder & Panic Alarms, CCTV Systems or anything that requires monitoring Our alarms are monitored using the CSL DualCOM device which operates on the 3G / 4G network via a roming SIM so no phone line required. As British Telecom have announced by 2025 all PSTN line are being shut down so our alarm monitoring with CSL is future proof.